Choosing a therapist can feel daunting, after all, it's an important decision. You will be investing time, money and effort in finding the right therapist and will probably have hopes, ideas and expectations about what can be achieved through therapy. 

Finding someone with relevant clinical training and experience will be a major part of your search. Be brave about asking lots of questions! It's okay to ask to see evidence of qualifications and check whether the therapist's experience is relevant to your needs. I


It's also very important that you feel comfortable with the therapist. Good therapy happens when a good therapeutic relationship is established; however, relationships with parents, carers, and other professionals also support and enrich music therapy. Whether affected by dementia, autism, communication or language difficulties, disability or illness, the focus of my work will be on the well-being of the person.

Music Therapy Outreach

Music Therapy for Wiltshire, Dorset and 


Friendly, professional music therapy services for groups and individuals - from birth to the very end of life and all points in between

I'm Leigh Warren-Thomas. Music has been a vital part of my life since early childhood. Making music with friends, communicating through sound and being able to connect with others using a language that everyone can understand has brought immense joy and satisfaction.

I gained a Postgrad Diploma in Music Therapy in 2002 at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and have been in continuous outreach clinical practice ever since.   In my clinical work, I see how music can enable self-confidence, communication, self-expression, relaxation, play, creativity and a sense of purpose. 

Working as an outreach therapist enables me to gain deep understanding of the particular needs and circumstances of my clients.  I am privileged to meet people in their own environment, where I can have a view into their world. This approach means my clients are often more relaxed and able to engage, because they are in familiar surroundings.

Therapy is not exclusively about the person coming to their session. I work hard to build and maintain good relationships, not only with the people who come to therapy but also their families and carers, keyworkers, teachers, support staff and other concerned professionals.

My experience is extensive and covers all stages of the human lifespan. Please get in touch with any questions you may have. 



Music therapy is a clinical intervention that uses the unique qualities of music to enable communication, development, growth, self-expression and well-being. It is suitable at any stage of life and people having music therapy require no former musical knowledge, skill or experience.



Anyone can access music therapy. Hearing is the first sense we develop in the womb, so it is the first link we forge with the world around us. We are all innately musical; even if we think we have no skill or talent for music, we can connect with the rhythms, mood and energy of music. Music therapy can benefit those affected by disability, physical or mental illness, developmental delay, communication difficulties, dementia, autism, life-limiting conditions, loss and grief, trauma, those requiring palliative care... this is not an exhaustive list! Therapy can work in groups and for individuals, according to need.

The essence of music therapy lies in the joint creation and sharing of music by client and therapist. This creative, interactive process can take many forms; playing and vocalising often take their part, but so can songwriting, listening to recorded music, the use of music software, movement and music - it's all about what suits the client. The age, wellness, culture and history of the client are all considered and respected in building a therapeutic relationship. 

Outreach work covers a variety of settings. I have worked in many educational placements including mainstream and special schools, early years and preschool provision. Adult work happens in community premises and day centres, residential, care and nursing homes, hospitals and third sector organisations. I can also work in private residences - please contact me to discuss your ideas.


"Since having music therapy, my daughter is involving us in her play. She can now show us her emotions through music"  (observation from parent)

"Music therapy opened up her world...she took her enjoyment of music into learning within the classroom. She  had found something that excited and engaged her and encouraged her to explore, learn and communicate with others"  (feedback from preschool teacher)




"Music therapy has changed my son's life"  (comment from parent)

"There was no pressure to play...there was talking too..."  (feedback from adult group client)


Your questions and enquiries are welcome and

will be treated in confidence.

I will aim to respond within 24 hours

wherever possible.